The Ottawa school district will take advantage of a $10,000 donation from Olathe Medical Center in Olathe to pay for six new defibrillators.

Those funds would cover nearly all of the $10,194 cost to purchase the automated external defibrillators (AEDs). The board voted 7-0 Monday to purchase the six Zoll-brand AEDs, with one located in each of the districtís five school buildings, as well as at the central office.

The districtís current Heartsine-brand AEDs are not compatible with those used by Franklin County Emergency Medical Services, Chantel Magill, school district nurse, told the board as one of the reasons for the shift to the Zoll defibrillators. If a cardiac arrest incident occurred at one of the districtís facilities, first responders from Franklin County EMS would have to rip off the Heartsine chest pads, as well as layers of epidermis, or take the districtís entire AED machine with them during the patient transport, Magill said.

The Zoll AEDs are more user friendly than the districtís current machines, she said.

Magill said the defibrillators were vital pieces of equipment for the district.

ďIn an event of cardiac arrest, every second counts, literally,ď Magill said in her report. ďAn AED that can help us provide the most efficient and effective care possible is our best chance at saving someoneís life.Ē