The Four Seasons Garden Club started off the year with a Feb. 20 lunch meeting at the Green Acres Restaurant.

After a lunch enjoyed by the 10 members present, President Joanne Smith called the meeting to order. Humor was presented by Darlene Frieden and Daveen Holzapfel. Roll call was taken, and minutes from the last meeting in December were read by Daveen Holzapfel and approved by all. Darlene Frieden shared that Secretary Dolores Larsen was injured while working with her horses. All are concerned, and a card with notes of encouragement was signed to be sent to her.

The treasurer’s report was presented by Norma Sellers and club dues for 2013 collected. A new 2013 club program schedule was passed out. Linda Robbins also passed out copies of “The Kansas City Gardener” publication to all members. All members were anxious to start the growing season.

The club’s Yard of the Month program that has been promoted for many years will begin in May. A sign-up sheet was passed around for volunteers to search each month, May through October, for a beautiful yard to receive recognition and awards for a job well done for the beauty of Ottawa.

The next meeting in March will be at the home of Linda Robbins.

— Submitted by Daveen Holzapfel