Dear eBay Queen: I am a single parent with a couple of children. My only job I currently is eBay. My son has special needs, and my daughter is 5 and could possibly have special needs. I am not sure how to portion my day out to be a successful parent, and make money for my family. I see you have your fair share of children: How do you do it? How many listings can you do in a day? How much time is spent packing and shipping? Do you shop every day and how much time do you spend?

Iím not good at time management, I guess. Iím having trouble getting more than 200 listings a month.

I used to write novels when I was describing an item. I switched it to just the basic information and then one of my stars was dinged in the description DSR. I have a friend who sells about $100-plus a day. Her descriptions are fewer than 10 words. Her pictures arenít fancy, yet she still sells. I read on your blog that using the bullet style is better than writing in paragraph form. I called eBay a couple of days ago to talk to someone about the same stuff Iím asking you about. They reviewed my account, and apparently I received a couple of low DRSs scores about the same time I switched from writing novels to just paragraphs.

I sell on eBay, Amazon and am just getting an Etsy store going (not live yet). I have looked into Bonanza, and have acquired a domain name for a website and a Facebook page, and will put all that together within the next couple of weeks. ó Nova

Dear Nova: eBay can turn into a full-time job if you arenít careful with your time. Here are some helpful hints.

ē I am a big advocate for listing programs. A few are free. The most popular free listing program is Turbo Lister. I use SixBit Software. It costs $24.99 a month, and I can write up my listings in advance and schedule them to upload anytime I want.

ē You are right to use bullet points instead paragraphs. Buyers almost never read a paragraph. Bullet points show them short sentences to read quickly with just the important information.

ē I recommend using the same listing format for all of your items you sell. If you use the same listing format, you can copy and paste that and then use it over and over again, by saving your template. I know quite a few people donít use listing programs and they save their templates in Microsoft Word, and just copy and paste the template they need.†

ē I do all like items in batches. I have several items that are the same (like comics, dresses etc.) I take all their photos, fix them, write them up etc. All at the same time. One day, I might get the photos taken and fixed, and the next day written up.†

ē I have children too. I find the best time to write my items up is after they go to bed, or on the weekends I will put a movie or video on they like, watch it with them while I am working. My children are homeschooled, but if your children go to school, a great time to work would be when they are at school.

ē When I first started selling on eBay, my goal was to write up and list 10 items a day, and when I did that with ease I moved up to 15 a day.

Using the methods I told you, I can write up to 20 items an hour. I think itís great you are branching out with Etsy and your own website. I hope these tips help you list faster.

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Suzie Eads is a nationally known eBay marketer and eBay trained education specialist. She lives in Rantoul. Have a question for the eBay Queen? Email the eBay Queen