Manning Construction Co. and its subcontractors have agreed to pay the Ottawa school district $2.5 million to resolve a lawsuit over cracked epoxy floors and leaky roofs at Garfield and Lincoln elementary schools.

The school board voted 7-0 Monday to approve the settlement negotiated between attorneys and representatives of Manning Construction, the general contractor for the work and the school district negotiating team of school board president Susan Ward, school board member Dennis George and the district’s attorney, Michael Norris.

Ward said the $2.5 million settlement should cover the cost of repairing the damage to both schools. The Ottawa school district filed a civil suit April 13, 2011, against Manning, seeking damages. Manning was the general contractor in charge of the construction of Lincoln and a major renovation project at Garfield, which began in 2005.

The school district had asked for $4.7 million, but Manning’s opening offer was for less than $1 million, Ward said.

“We were so far apart when we started, but I’m glad we were able to reach a settlement,” Ward said.