Considerable interest has been aroused among citizens of Ottawa by the announcement of the new natatorium project made in the The Herald this week. Dr. George W. Davis, N.E. Stucker and N. Van Meter stand ready to subscribe $500 of stock each for the building of the natatorium at Tauy Court, but strongly prefer that the initiative in the organizing of a corporation for the purpose come from someone else.

For a bonus of $500, Ottawa can secure the permanent location of the factory of the Martin Concrete Culvert Form Co. here. The Commercial Club took active hold of the proposition today and a committee started a canvass among the business men this morning to secure the pledges for the bonus. In case the bonus is raised by Friday, the Martin Company will take over the old Ottawa foundry on Walnut Street near the bridge.

The county commissioners and A.W. Highnote, of Kansas City, a civil engineer, went to the old swinging bridge on East Logan Street this afternoon to make the preliminary arrangements for a new structure. The commissioners granted a new bridge for the creek a few weeks ago.