One Falcon senior has flown to Ottawa and is excited to begin an internship with The Herald.

“It is one of my dreams to actually work with people who work with the news for a living,” Megan Findley, a West Franklin High School student, said this week. “I cannot wait to start doing stories about our community and other communities around the Ottawa area.”

At The Herald, Findley plans to take on news and feature writing challenges, as well as possibly tackling some sports stories.

“I will be working on my journalism skills, trying to become better rounded and gain some experience,” she said. “This is something I think will make myself not only wiser, but also a better person as a whole.”    

In her senior year at West Franklin, Findley, whose family lives near Appanoose, currently serves as the chief editor for the school’s publications classes. She has been involved with West Franklin’s yearbook and newspaper for three years, also participating with the middle school newspaper in the eighth grade.

“You might say I’ve been working with some sort of news for a while now,” Findley said. “But it is very interesting being the chief editor this year. There is a big difference between being the one in charge and just following what the editor says. There is always something different to learn or experience each day with my staff.”

Findley’s other interests include writing, reading and running. She has been a cross-country runner at West Franklin for the past four years.

In addition to her Herald internship, schoolwork and extracurricular activities, Findley also works at Marurices, 215 E. 23rd St. Ottawa Plaza, Ottawa.

“I manage freight in the back room, and though it sounds a little gloomy, it’s not. It’s actually a lot of fun,” she said. “I get to see all the clothes before anyone — even my boss and other coworkers — which is amazing because I am addicted to shopping.”

After graduating in May, Findley said, she plans to study broadcast journalism at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

“I have already been accepted. Now all I need to do is apply for scholarships like crazy,” she said. “Everything is getting very exciting for my senior year. My mother and I have gone through baby pictures, senior pictures and every picture in between.”