I just want to take a minute to thank The Ottawa Herald and Louis Reed for the great job in providing “Today in Ottawa History” for such a long time.

I apparently missed any mention in the paper this past few weeks of this column being temporarily or permanently removed from the paper. Without exception, this always has been the very first part of the paper that I have enjoyed reading first.

Many of my friends and associates have often discussed the amazing things mentioned in this column that were printed 100 years ago in this paper. Both my wife and I are descendents of pioneer families in Franklin County (1854 for the Listers, and much earlier for the Rices), so the majority of the news events mentioned in the articles affected our well-established families a century ago, one way or another.

Again, thanks so much for all of those articles and great work in putting them in the paper.

— Bill (and Darlene) Lister, Ottawa

[Editor’s note: Local historian Louis Reed has chosen to pare back his daily “Today in Ottawa History” column to one column per week. His weekly columns now focus on Ottawa events from 100 years ago — in 1912 Franklin County. The Herald is pleased to continue publishing this feature as long as it is available. On days when Reed’s column is not available, the newspaper plans to publish a national “Today in History” feature from the Associated Press.]