The Four Seasons Garden Club met July 17 at the home of Darlene Frieden. Norma Sellers was the co-hostess.

Roll call was taken. The question for roll call was “What do you know about growing pumpkins?” Not too many answers, but responses were interesting. Ten members were present. Edna Boots, Jane Beuttel, Darlene Frieden, Ronda Huffman, Faye Hunt, Dolores Larsen, Lila Niehoff, Linda Robbins, Norma Sellers and Joanne Smith. The club’s guest was Arlene Lindsksgo.

The treasurer’s report was given by Norma Sellers. All dues have been paid.

The minutes were read. A correction is needed. Joanne Smith, club president, sent thank you cards to Sand Creek Nursery and Orscheln Farm and Home businesses for giving gift certificates to the Yard of the Month winners. They have done this for a few years.

Yard of the Month for June is as follows: North side, Kay Massengale and her daughter Robin Wadkins; and south side, J.C. and Janice Swallow. Janice Swallow was so pleased she sent a thank you card to Linda Robbins who was one of the members who helped choose Yard of the Month. Janice gave the credit for the beautiful yard to her husband, as she is still working full-time. Ronda Huffman, Edna Boots and Lia Niehoff will be doing the Yard of the Month for August.

Jane Buettel won the door prize, which was a rain gage.

A wonderful pineapple/banana cake with whipped cream was served with a lovely punch.

All members were invited to Arlene Lindsksgo’s home for a tour of her miniature gardens within her flower beds. Arlene gave members a presentation on miniature gardens last year. It was great to actually seem these miniature gardens within her flower beds. One was located at the base of a tree stump, another in a terracotta dish, and another miniature garden in a corner with a glass chip waterfall in it. They all were very interesting with different themes.

— Submitted by Dolores Larsen, secretary