The meeting of the Waskley Wabbits 4-H club came to order 7 p.m. March 10 at Celebration Hall at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. Election of officers was the first and foremost business to take care of for the club. New officers included president, Sheriden Barnes; vice president, Evan Pulliam; secretary, Annie Dekat; honarary treasurer, Camerson Barnes; reporter, Kilene Tate.

Junior officers are as follows: junior president, Jesse Wharton; junior vice president, Akaylee Prunty; and junior secretary/reporter, Kate Dekat.

New business was revisiting the idea of having a rabbit show this fall. Leader Kim Powell is going to check with two possible judges and get back with the club at next month’s meeting.

Old business included that from leader Jenny Tate, who gathered names for the club to send in for ARBA memberships for the club members.

For the program, 4-Her’s brought their rabbits and gave small project talks about the rabbits. Akaylee Prunty brought her Holland Lop buck, “Captain Underpants,” and as club members talked about what “Variety” he was and the different variations his variety can come in.

Kate Dekat brought her rabbit “Gray,” which is a Havanna.

Annie Dekat brought her rabbit, “Champ,” which is also a Havanna.

That was all the club had time for, and the next meeting was announced to be 7 p.m. April 14 at Celebration Hall at the Franklin County Fairgrounds.

The meeting was adjourned.

— Submitted by

Kilene Tate, reporter