The Central Heights High School girls basketball team is trying to grow up during games. The Vikings’ inexperience led to breakdowns all over the court Monday in the opener of the Trojan Tipoff Tournament at Central Heights.

The Vikings struggled to move the ball and at times stop Osage City. It resulted in a 40-19 loss.

Central Heights (0-2) plays Thursday at home against Coffeyville, which lost to Spring Hill.

“We have to be more patient offensively ,” Central Heights coach Scott Lane said. “We don’t swing the ball very well. We act like sometimes there is a 24-second shot clock.

“Defensively, we are not getting help side. We are not getting ball pressure.”

Osage City found seams in the Viking defense, either hitting a baseline jumper or getting offensive rebounds.

Lane said it is a matter of time as the learning curve is big for his team.

“We have girls out there in their second game of varsity,” he said. “We are going to have growing pains. It is a process. The girls know how to win. It is a matter of getting there.

“If we would have had five more possessions where we would have been patient on, we would have been right in the game.

“We got a six-footer in there getting 10 touches a game. That is not good enough.”

Osage City broke open the game with a 15-3 run from the start of the second quarter through 5:30 of the third quarter. The Indians opened a 29-9 lead late in the third quarter.

“We can not afford to give 50 percent some of the time and 100 percent some of the time,” Lane said. “We have to give 100 percent all the time.”

Central Heights drove or passed into the teeth of the Osage City defense.

Lane said the Indians did a great job on the help side.

“We have to do a better job of recognizing their help,” he said. “We are young.

“We have a lot of time. I have to prepare them better.”

Brianna Erhart led the Vikings with seven points.

Osage City (40) — King 13, Wilson 4, Lawless 5, Swindale 5, Robinson 7, Tomlinson 4, Peterson 2.

Central Heights (19) — Stegner 2, Meyer 6, Kraus 1, Erhart 7, Markley 3.