I am appalled at some of the legislatures trying to force and impose their beliefs and tenants onto other faiths and beliefs. Evangelical pastor Rick Warren, for whom I have great respect, is being attacked by some Christians because he is recognizing Islam as a whole because we all believe and worship one God.

With all good people forcing their “ethics” onto other people, they are causing a lot of controversy world-wide. All of humanity is a creation of God, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity and other “controversial” subjects that are trying to be blocked from their freedoms and rights.

There is a state representative who is trying to get “freedom of religion” on the books so an owner of a business has the right to deny a person a job because of sexual orientation or any other differences. Talk about discrimination. I am with the Europeans when they laugh at this country — and they do because of the “backward” and biased ways that are practiced in this country.

The “do-gooders” are trying to tell a man if he can or cannot get a vasectomy for contraception only. I have a vasectomy for contraception because my wife went through a rough Caesarean section having our son, and I didn’t want to put her through that again.

We, as Christians, are held to our beliefs as the only way, disregarding other beliefs in this country and worldwide. I know some fine Muslims, Jews, Shintus, Buddhists and even some agnostics who are contributing to this society and are not forcing us to believe their way as the only way. We cannot live in harmony when we are critical of others because of their beliefs or lifestyles.

Our U.S. Constitution guarantees the rights and freedoms of all people — not just a few. We must keep church and state separate if we want to remain a free country. Once we start making laws that protect and give freedoms to only a few, we will be leading a way to eroding our own freedom.

Christians, look around you at how many “un-Christians” are contributing to your own ease of lifestyle, health, beauty, sports and all other areas of your lives. We are not the only ones who deserve the freedoms we have. All people have the same rights and privileges to govern their own lives without any interference from others. We are a country that is God-loving and God-fearing for all — not just some.

Let’s make the United States a country where each and every individual has the same rights and freedoms. I, for one, pray “God Bless America” daily — though some Christians are trying to change that to “God Bless Us Christians.”

That is not the way Christ taught us. After all, he was not a Christian, but a Jew. We can teach the ways, but we must not force the ways on others.

— Don Carr,