Seven Ottawa High School instrumental soloists, as well as four vocal ensembles and five vocal soloists, recently earned superior state ratings at the Regional Solo and Small Ensemble Festival, qualifying them for the state festival April 27 in Andover.

Numerous other students participated in the contest, spending many hours learning and rehearsing their solos.

Four vocal ensembles and 12 vocal soloists participated in the regional music festival.

Ensembles that earned a superior rating, or I, and qualified for state included the Cytones, Cytone Women, Chamber Choir Women and Men’s Ensemble.

Soloists receiving a I rating were Lance Behning, tenor; Bryce Elder, tenor; Courtney Houston, soprano; Ryan Tipton, bass; and Katie Webber, alto.

Those receiving a II, or excellent rating, were Tony Martin, baritone; Brady Stoy II, baritone; and Rebecca Vrbas, mezzo-soprano.

Soloists receiving III or average ratings were Jovi Carpenter, tenor; Brandi Houston, alto; and Allie Schmoe, alto. Bryan Turner, baritone, received a IV rating.

Individuals earning instrumental awards were:

Superior Ratings (I) State Qualifers

• Hannah Thomas, oboe solo

• Courtney Houston, violin solo

• Hannah Heatherman, violin solo

• Lance Behning, trumpet solo

• Courtney Houston, horn solo

• Jeffrey Doolittle, trumpet solo

• Clint Lyman, snare solo

Excellent ratings (II)

• Flute Quartet (Julia Burroughs, Aubrey Curry, Rebecca Vrbas and Katie Wooge)

• Taelor Dodds, trombone solo

• Niccole Scott, alto sax solo

• Colin Cowdin, alto sax solo

• Alex Crossen, trumpet solo

• Clint Lyman, timpani solo

• Katie Wooge, flute solo

• Saxophone Trio (Colin Cowdin, Rachel Manis and Katie Wooge)

• Tabitha Tatman, tenor sax solo

• Colin Cowdin, tenor sax solo

• Caylin Buckley, marimba solo

• Percussion Quartet (Caylin Buckley, Clint Lyman, Bethany Manis and Alex Tharp)

• Brock Benorden, euphonium solo

• Abagael Pruitt, trombone solo

• Low Brass Quartet (Brock Benorden, Anna Davidson, Abagael Pruitt and Daniel White)

Average Rating (III)

• Jonathan Branson, trumpet solo