The City of Ottawa wants to replace an underground fuel storage tank with two above-ground tanks at Ottawa Municipal Airport.

And Ottawa city commissioners are hopeful the Kansas Department of Transportation will pick up 85 percent of the estimated $235,000 tab for the project.

City commissioners gave Andy Haney, the city’s public works director, the go-ahead Monday to apply for a KDOT grant as part of the state agency’s Kansas Airport Improvement Program.

The city would like to use the grant to replace a 6,000-gallon underground aviation fuel tank with two 10,000-gallon, above-ground tanks that would allow the city to provide 100LL aviation fuel and Jet-A fuel at the airport, 2178 Montana Road, Haney said. The existing tank is for 100LL aviation fuel, he said.

“The second tank would allow us to carry jet fuel,” Haney said.

The city also would be able to purchase aviation fuel at a lower cost with the new tanks, because it could acquire fuel by the tanker load, Haney said.

“We can’t buy a tanker load at present, because a tanker is 8,000 gallons and our tank only holds 6,000 gallons,” Haney said.

The estimated cost of the project would include the removal of the existing tank and installation of the new tanks, Haney said.

The city’s portion of the cost would be $35,250 if the KDOT grant is approved and the bids come in at the estimated $235,000 cost, Haney told commissioners.

“We do not have a problem with the existing tank — there are no leaks,” he said.

The object is to upgrade the airport’s fuel storage capabilities with the aid of state funds, Haney said.