Citing efforts to limit the potential of a prejudicial jury, Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Curry’s attorney plans to argue against The Herald’s efforts to unseal court documents detailing the allegations facing his client.

The Herald and The Kansas City Star both have filed motions to intervene in the criminal and civil cases against Curry, who announced his plans to resign as sheriff Thursday during a civil ouster hearing aimed at formally removing him from office.

“The documents, in my view, should not be unsealed because the [criminal] case is not resolved and there are allegations that are very much in dispute in the pleadings,” Trey Pettlon, an Olathe defense attorney representing Curry, wrote in an email to The Herald. “The documents are currently sealed to avoid any possible prejudice they might cause to prospective jurors.”

Senior Judge John Sanders granted the media groups’ motions to intervene during the Thursday hearing. Attorneys in the case must respond with their arguments for or against unsealing the documents on or before April 1. After the attorneys file their responses, the judge is expected to decide whether to open the records.