As a student of Ottawa Middle School, I have seen that not all kids own a cell phone. Because of this, some students are in danger of strangers. A solution to this problem is for your child to have a cell phone.

About over half of 11-year-olds in the U.S. own a cell phone. Also, if your child has a cell phone, they can contact you and the police. One more reason your child should have a cell phone is other kids at school can make fun of them for not having one.

A reason some kids might not have a cell phone is they might not be responsible, but when they are older they are more responsible. Some kids might not have a phone because their mom or dad canít pay for one, but some phones are cheap like 30 or so bucks so maybe your kid could mow peoplesí lawns for the money.

Having a cell phone will keep your child safe. If your child has a phone, you can relax knowing your child is one call away. Now will you buy your child a phone?

ó Payton Mastel, Ottawa Middle School sixth grader