In his recent “Insight Kansas” column, Professor Chapman Rackaway raises some insightful points about Kansans’ attitudes toward Gov. Sam Brownback.

Unfortunately, Rackaway — faculty advisor to the Fort Hays State University Republicans — also paints an inaccurate and misguided picture of Paul Davis and the moderate, middle-class alternative to Brownback that Davis is offering the people of Kansas.

When it comes to Brownback, Rackaway might be surprised to learn Davis generally agrees with the notion that Brownback is not personally disliked. In fact, Davis often has noted that Brownback seems like a good-natured person. On the day Davis announced his candidacy for governor, the two men exchanged very cordial phone messages, welcoming one another to the race.

Yet for Davis, like so many of his fellow Kansans, Brownback’s sunny personal disposition is difficult to reconcile with his divisive and uncompromising leadership style as governor. At a time when Kansans demand the kind of cooperative, problem-solving leadership Davis has exemplified during his 11 years in the Legislature, Brownback openly rejects bipartisanship and cooperation.

And it’s on the Brownback agenda — with which a majority of Kansans clearly disagree — where the people of Kansas will find the starkest differences between Brownback and Davis.

Like so many Kansans who respect our state’s traditions and believe in economic opportunity, Davis is profoundly disturbed by Brownback’s deep cuts to education and public schools. Like so many Kansans who struggle to meet the burdens of soaring property taxes, climbing sales taxes, and skyrocketing utility rates, Davis is fed up with the unaffordable costs of merely being a Kansan under the Brownback administration.

In short: Sam Brownback is a pleasant person whose agenda as governor is dragging Kansas down a very unpleasant and untenable road. And Paul Davis is prepared to get our state and schools, our economy and middle class back on the right track.

Elections are about choices — in this case, a stark one. And we’re confident as this campaign for governor unfolds, Kansans who yearn for stronger schools, a stronger economy, and a governor with a cooperative style of leadership will choose Paul Davis as our next governor.

While I believe Professor Rackaway has significantly distorted Davis’ announcement video, I’d invite your readers to decide for themselves by viewing it at

— Adam Harris,

campaign manager,

Paul Davis for Governor