I am appalled at the lack of outrage that has been demonstrated by women and the National Organization of Women during the 2008 presidential campaign and all that has occurred forward to date. The women before us who were tortured, imprisoned and even put to death to earn the women of today the equal right to vote have been forgotten. It is a travesty.

Where were the protests when Hillary Clinton was being poked and jabbed and made fun of for her style of dressing? Where was the outrage when now-Vice President Joe Biden grabbed Clinton’s rear-end and gave her a good horse slap on national television? Where was the outrage? Where were the women in this country who constantly complain of harassment and being held back because of their gender?

Where was the outrage when the media trashed Sarah Palin because she was attractive? Where have the real women gone? Whether you agree with the policies of a certain political association or not, do you believe that a woman will ever be taken seriously as the leader of this country when we sit back and allow this type of attack and cavalier attitude — by the media especially — to be deemed acceptable?

And the “school master” interview with Palin by ABC’s Charles Gibson was disgusting. Looking over the top of his glasses as though she were in the headmaster’s office for misbehavior ... What kind of question is “Do you believe in the Bush Doctrine?” What sort of nonsense is this? And the very perky Katie Couric asking what magazines Palin reads? And the most offensive above all was the unbridled attack on her family and the pictures published of Palin in a bikini sparkled in red, white and blue with an assult weapon.

Wake up, ladies. You not only fail women in public service, but you fail the women who do use assault weapons in real war keeping you safe and pretty at home and in your very sophisticated jobs. You make me ill. But you want everything and are willing to give nothing in the face of those before us who fought for our right to vote. Perhaps one of the most sickening displays in 2008 was Sen. John McCain and his wife being grilled and slapped in the face by the loudmouth do-nothing Whoopi Goldberg on “The View.” That was a disgrace. It is no one’s business to get in Cindy McCain’s face and, with vitriol, demand to know how many homes she owns? I no longer watch any show Whoopi’s cushion appears on.

Most importantly, I would urge the voting female population in this country to stop listening to the talking heads and dig deep and put your senators and congressmen and womens’ feet to the fire and demand to be given complete accounting of their representation of your districts. Hold the big mouths and the loose hands accountable for their actions. Let them know their behavior is unacceptable.

And if you do none of this, at least have the self-respect to stand up for your fellow sisters. If the women who sacrificed so much so long ago sat on their hands as you have, you would not be allowed to vote today. I hope you celebrated that this Memorial Day.

Hold your fellow American women — fighting far away with real loaded assault weapons — high and tell them through your own example and voice that we stand as one. If you do not, you likely will end up with what we were first fed: nothing.

Shame on all of you.

— Marcia Funk, Homewood