Members of The Herald’s advertising team now have more tools to help customers grow their revenue, the team’s leader said.

After a recent sales training certification program, Laurie Blanco, Herald advertising director, said she’s confident the newspaper’s team of professional media specialists can better help local businesses build revenue and track their successes. The key, she said, is using research and analysis to find the right fit for each customer.

“This is a great opportunity for businesses,” Blanco said. “We’re able to meet our clients’ needs and track their results to gain them the maximum return on their investment.”

The tools provided by The Herald’s recent training allow the advertising team to analyze the sales numbers for a customer’s specific industry, examine their existing advertising budget and track record, then put together a new marketing and advertising strategy including multimedia to help them achieve their sales goals, Blanco said.

By partnering with The Herald’s advertising and marketing team, Blanco said, small businesses also can benefit by not having to research market trends and report and track the success of their marketing efforts, as well as the return on their investment. Blanco and Nell Stockdall, Herald media specialist, earned special recognition during the certification process.

“The Virtanza training program armed us with tools for our market area,” Blanco said. “This allows us to help our clients even better than before.”

Such efforts help small businesses maximize marketing efforts without taking time away from keeping their businesses up and running, she said.

“Even our most sophisticated marketing customers that we have, which I would include stores such as JCPenney’s or Kohl’s, they already have that type of strategy and a full-time staff to execute their plans,” Jeanny Sharp, Herald editor and publisher, said. “Those that are below that level, in terms of sales or size, don’t have a marketing department to do their problem solving for them. We can fill that role for them.”

The team offers many different platforms customers can use to market and advertise, including mobile, social media, print ads, digital ads and commercials, Blanco said.

“It’s the best thing about my job,” Blanco said. “I love getting to see my customers succeed and grow their business.”