Itís another sad day in Franklin County, when more than 2,000 people didnít take time to vote. The people on the Ottawa school board are nice people, but donít have a lick of sense when it comes to how bidding is done (the public opening and reading of bids).

My main complaint is the closing of neighborhood schools. Nearly 100 people attended the Eisenhower Elementary School closing hearing, and all were unhappy. What happened is that they didnít vote to stop this merry-go-round of errors? Just more and more broken promises.

One person who was put in place on the board said that he was responsible for finding mold in the school. My logic: Mold is caused by poor housekeeping and/or poor building maintenance.

The beautiful Louisburg schools are built well and at a much, much lower cost. Why? I researched and was given figures. If you figure the value of the neighborhood Eisenhower school, it would take millions to replace and had location, location, location.

The board now is spinning its wheels trying to recover from that tragic move.

Russ Wilson really should have been on the board, because he has logic and business sense. The voters have hired nice people, but none will straighten out the problems caused by poor judgment and shallow thought.

The school boardís track record is an accumulative list of wrongdoings. It looks OK in their minds, as long as they can blame someone else.

Another tragedy is the number of school dropouts. These young adults are not led properly and will suffer the consequences when quitting school. Administrators should work diligently to provide help and encourage them to stay in school.

The end product is the kids are written off as a loss.

I hope the board members grow a backbone and stop this foolishness.

ó Norman Wooge,