Gym play soon will be temporarily sidelined at Ottawa’s most popular recreation facility, the Ottawa Recreation Commission’s director said Friday.

About a year ago, small bubbles began to form in the Ottawa Community Recreation Center/Goppert Building’s gym and multi-purpose room’s floor, Tommy Sink, the ORC’s director, said. A year later, some of those bubbles have grown to be larger than a car’s hubcap.

“The floor will be taken up and all materials laid will be new — at no cost to [the ORC],” Sink said, adding that he hopes the project will curb gym use for only five days. “We’re hoping it will be finished in the next 30 to 60 days.”

As Lawrence-based Mar Lan Construction crews laid concrete for the gym and multi-purpose room’s floor in 2011, moisture apparently was trapped within or beneath the layer, Sink said. The moisture eventually began to dissolve the adhesive adhering the concrete to the flooring, he added, resulting in several large bubbles throughout the facility, located at 705 W. 15th St., Ottawa.

The size and height of some bubbles also appear to dampen a basketball’s bounce, Sink said, noting that many such bubbles have formed on the courts’ lanes. The bubbles, however, have not appeared on the facility’s second-story track, which features the same flooring as the gym and multi-purpose room.

Crews previously hoped to spot fix to the problem, Sink said, by injecting new adhesive though the bubbles via a needle.

Unfortunately, Sink added, more bubbles began to appear throughout the 22,500 square foot facility, which was finished in September of 2011. The bubbles’ proliferation eventually warranted an entire overhaul of the facility’s affected floors, Sink said.

Mar Lan Construction’s guarantee of the taxpayer-funded facility will cover all costs for the project, Sink said.