Cydney Lewis drew a lot of attention when it came to soccer. The Ottawa High School senior is the focal point of all the opposing coaches defense.

Lewis also caught the attention of the college coaches. She filtered through a lot of offers and finally came to a decision.

The Cyclone signed with McPherson College Thursday in the OHS library.

Her speed and goal-scoring ability is something that can’t always be found in a lot of recruits.

“Cydney is going to be one of those sleepers that not many people know about until they are chasing her down,” fifth-year McPherson coach Rob Talley said. “She is a focused individual.

“To get a true athlete like her will be a true asset. She has proven herself as a prolific goal scorer. We are looking forward to her continueing that.”

McPherson had trouble scoring last season when the Lady Bulldogs went 7-9-2.

McPherson tallied just 19 goals in 18 matches.

“Coach has a lot in mind for me,” Lewis said. “I will be doing a lot more to develop my skills.

“I am hoping to learn a lot more things, new stuff and take it to the next level.”

Talley said her presence on the field may open McPherson’s offense.

“Having versatility in a player really helps out,” Talley said. “We have been struggling the last year or two in finishing.

“Having somebody coming in with a nose for the goal like she does will help us tremendously.”

Lewis waited for the right situation.

“I had talked to a lot of other colleges,” Lewis said. “I got a lot of offers from out of state colleges.”

Cyclone coach Kelly Smith alerted Talley to Lewis, who went down for a visit at the end of the high school basketball season.

“Coach Talley contacted me and I went down to McPherson,” Lewis said. “I felt like I was supposed to be there. It fits everything I wanted.

“I am very religious based. I am involved in my church. He is the same way.”

Smith helped turn a rough around the edges soccer player into a offensive force.

“She really was an athlete with speed, heart and desire as a freshman,” Smith said. “She has kind of exploded. She is a coaches dream. She never gives up. She tries to find some way to get the job done.

“With three people marking her, she can still find a way to break through and put the ball in the net.

“I am excited to see her go into college and start working on soccer year round. It is exciting to see what position she will play. She may move to midfield position. It is something we have done a little.

“It is going to be fun to watch. She strikes the ball well.

Talley said Lewis is one of 13 recruits coming in next fall.

“She is high up there in the recruiting class,” Talley said. “I took my time in waiting for her to make the decision.

“We are pretty excited about it.”