Hospital Notes


• Tuesday: Bowe Gribble, Pomona; Luis Vega, Ottawa; Ashley Williams, Ottawa.

Franklin County Jail

Police Department Arrests

• 11:52 p.m. Tuesday, 500 block of North Mulberry Street, Carolyn O’Malley, 44, Ottawa, on a Franklin County warrant.

Sheriff’s Department News

Theft Reports

• 11:19 a.m. Tuesday, 4500 block of Butler Terrace, a 60-year-old employee of Sinclair Transportation Company reported someone broke into a pump station and stole wire from the building. Damage and loss was estimated at $1,025.

• 11:29 a.m. Tuesday, 1500 block of Utah Road, a Franklin County Public Works Department employee reported gravel was stolen in the 1500 block of Utah Road. Estimated loss was $2,500.

• 12:09 p.m. Tuesday, 1900 block of Virginia Road, a Franklin County Public Works Department employee reported gravel was stolen from the 1900 block of Virginia Road. Estimated loss was $1,250.


• 5:35 p.m. Tuesday, Stafford and Kentucky roads, a 2002 Toyota Camry driven by Ashley Duncan, 26, Pomona, was westbound in the 2100 block of Stafford Road when Duncan lost control of the vehicle, and it went into the ditch. No injuries were reported.

• 8:42 p.m. Tuesday, Old U.S. 59 and Riley Road, a 2004 Chevrolet Impala driven by Leonard Conger, 54, Ottawa, was southbound in the 4100 block of Old U.S. 59 when it struck a deer.

• 9:39 p.m. Tuesday, 400 block of K-68 in Franklin County, a 2001 Chevrolet S-10 pickup driven by Blaine Flory, 39, Pomona, was eastbound in the 400 block of K-68 when it struck a deer.

Police Department News


• 8:01 p.m. Tuesday, 1000 block of South Ash Street, a 23-year-old Ottawa woman reported she was being stalked by a 26-year-old Ottawa man.

Theft Reports

• 9:16 a.m. Tuesday, 1100 block of South Maple Street, a 70-year-old Ottawa man reported his checkbook was missing.

• 4:16 p.m. Tuesday, 600 block of South Hickory Street, a 54-year-old Ottawa man reported someone stole his bicycle.

• Tuesday, no time given, 800 block of South Cedar Street, an 82-year-old Ottawa man reported the theft of property.


• Tuesday, no time given, 1500 block of South Main Street, a vehicle driven by Dia Kraushaar, 75, Ottawa, struck the rear of a vehicle driven by Jeffery Church, 50, Pomona. The impact of the collision pushed Church’s vehicle into a vehicle driven by Rebecca Goad, 50, Ottawa, according to a police report. Kraushaar was cited for no proof of insurance and for not wearing a seat belt.

• 12:36 p.m. Tuesday, 2000 block of Princeton Circle Drive, a vehicle driven by Sandra Waldron, 58, Ottawa, struck a vehicle driven by Timothy Adams, 20, Rantoul.

Fire Calls

Ottawa Fire Department

• 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, 943 S. Cypress St., authorized controlled burning.

• 11:46 p.m. Tuesday, Ottawa University, 1001 S. Cedar St., firefighters investigated an activated smoke detector. No fire was reported.

• Firefighters assisted with four medical calls Monday and Tuesday.

Franklin County Fire Departments

• 5:24 p.m. Monday, 1162 Reno Road, Pomona firefighters responded to a grass fire.

• Firefighters assisted with 11 medical calls Friday through Tuesday.