The Franklin County Emergency Management Office is discouraging travel during this winter storm, especially Tuesday morning. Franklin County residents who must travel are urged to take precautions, Franklin County Emergency Management officials said. Motorists should make sure they have a full tank of gas, plenty of warm clothes, a charged cell phone, a shovel and sand or cat litter, according to an emergency management office news release. Motorists also should let someone know where they are going and what route they plan to take.

Franklin County offices for non-emergency response personnel were closed Tuesday, because of the predicted snow fall and road conditions. The county public works department planned to work through the night Monday, plowing snow on the blacktop roads and then start on the gravel roads during the daylight hours Tuesday, the release said.

Emergency management officials warned residents that if they live on a road that is prone to drifting, they might not be able to get out. If they leave their homes, they might not be able to return, because of drifting and blowing snow. Emergency management officials estimated it may take several days to clear all drifted roads in some areas of the county.

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