As the design process continues for the county’s new website, it’s time to get down to specifics.

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners discussed what they would like to see on their page of the Franklin County website —

 The board’s page now has the commissioners’ contact information, links to board minutes, agendas and resolutions, as well as information of current interest.

“I think that would be all the information that would logically be on the new website,” Lisa Johnson said to the board at its Monday study session.

Commissioner Don Stottlemire said the information now on the page is good, adding he wouldn’t like to see anything taken off the page.

“You don’t realize how many people use it until you do away with it,” he said.

County staff members have been working with the Manhattan-based company, Civic Plus, for several months on the design of the new website. The site, county staff said previously, is intended to be more user-friendly and have more information. Each county department is expected to provide input to what content will be on the page.

Commissioner Ed Taylor said he would like to see a list of the various committees on which each commissioner serves, as well as any open non-elected board positions, added to the page. Also discussed was the addition of a “Frequently Asked Questions” section to direct residents in their search for information. A possible addition to the board’s page, in the future, would be links to videos of the board’s meetings, as well as live streaming of the meetings. That is not part of the initial new website design, Johnson said, but it could be a possibility in the future.

Plans for the department’s Web pages are due back to Civic Plus by the end of the month, Johnson said.