Dear eBay Queen: I have a seriously crazy eBay problem and I have no idea what to do about it. I sold a new baby quilt that I made with new and vintage fabric. The buyer paid for the item, and I sent it. I received this message from her:

“I received my quilt today (Sept. 20) and was very disappointed to see that it is stained in two places on the front. It is advertised as new with no mention of these flaws, and I bid and paid a lot more for this one than I did two others that I purchased from another seller that came in perfect condition. I expect an identical replacement quilt to be sent out immediately or my money swiftly refunded. Please contact me ASAP.”

I emailed her and apologized, and then asked her to do something I’ve heard you tell people to do: I asked her to take a photo of the stain. Before I knew what happened, the buyer opened a case against me!

I responded to the case with the same message I had emailed her. She responded to my message with this:

“I’m not sending you a photo! I will send it back on Monday via USPS. I need another quilt that is identical to this one sent ASAP. And for my trouble and the stains all over the front of this “NEW” quilt I would hope that you would send two. The other quilts I bought similar to this one cost me 35-percent less than this one!”

I responded to her message and tried to calm her down. I reminded her that the quilt she bought from me was handmade, and I did not have any others just like that one to replace it with, and I would be refunding her money as soon as it came back. I received this message:

“I do not want my money back — I would not have paid $225 for an auction quilt if I did not intend to keep it. However, I was shocked to receive something that was described as a new quilt that was stained in three places! I cannot imagine anyone sending out dirty merchandise. I bought two other quilts in the last couple of weeks for our lake home. I spent twice the amount for your merchandise so it is for this reason, the cost of the return shipping of the stained quilt, and for my trouble that I am requesting that two quilts that you made be sent to replace the dirty one. I stated I wanted identical ones, but I would accept two others that were close in color and pattern. I will be waiting for your quick response to this email.”

I don’t know how to respond. I don’t have two other quilts for “her time and trouble” to give her! I did respond by telling her that I would let her know when her item arrives. She then writes this in the case:

“Saying ‘I will let you know as soon as the item is sent back’ is not an acceptable solution to my problem. I believe the eBay Resolution Department would want to know that you have agreed to a solution — not make up your mind when the item is returned. Not good business, and definitely not good for favorable feedback.”

Alright, eBay Queen, how do I handle this hard to deal with woman? — Maggie D; Tulsa, Okla.

Dear Maggie: In this situation, you need to call eBay immediately. eBay needs to be made aware of this woman’s unreasonable demands. I cannot believe that she wants two handmade items for the one you made her! To contact eBay via the phone:

• Click on “customer support” at the top right of the eBay home page.

• Click “contact eBay.”

• Click on “Selling,” then “Buyer Protection.”

• Then select either “Call Me” or “Call Us.”

This woman has a lot of nerve to request two items from you. I’m 100-percent sure this is extortion, and eBay will handle it, with the outcome in your favor. I’m really sorry this type of buyer has bought something from you. Just know that most are not like that.

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Suzie Eads is a nationally known eBay marketer and eBay trained education specialist. She lives in Rantoul. Have a question for the eBay Queen? Email the eBay Queen