The pubic is invited to listen in this month when the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission talks with Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Co. officials about the nuclear power plant’s operations near Burlington, in light of a January incident at the plant.

The meeting is planned for 3 p.m. Dec. 10 in the regulatory commission’s regional offices at Arlington, Texas. The public is invited to observe the meeting and will have an opportunity to ask questions after the business portion of the meeting. A phone bridge also is available to the public to listen to the Dec. 10 discussion by calling (800) 952-9677 and asking to be connected to the meeting.

In September, the regulatory commission announced Wolf Creek nuclear power plant would undergo more regulatory scrutiny, because of an off-site power loss connected to a January incident at the plant, which the commission said had “substantial safety significance” and would result in additional federal inspections and oversight.

Operators at the plant reported Jan. 13 the failure of a main generator electrical breaker, followed by an unexplained loss of power to a transformer. That caused the switch yard to lose power, which removed the plant’s connection to the electrical power grid, according to a news release from the regulatory commission. All safety systems responded as expected and emergency diesel generators automatically powered safety-related equipment, the release said.

The mid-cycle assessment letter that addresses the performance of the plant from July 2011 to June 2012 is available on the NRC website at:

Current performance information for Wolf Creek is available on the NRC website at: