With spring turkey season in full swing and fish starting to bite at local waterways, residents might see an increase in poaching and trespassing activity in the area, Jeff Cakin said.

The Franklin County game warden said people have a variety of ways to report poaching activity.

• Call Cakin directly at (620) 450-7192, especially to report a wildlife crime in progress (911 may also be called in an emergency situation).

• Call the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at (785) 242-3800.

• Call Operation Game Thief at (877) 426-3843.

With any of these reporting methods, the caller may remain anonymous.

“Every time a poacher illegally takes wildlife, they take something from each of us,” Cakin said in a press release. “Legitimate sportsmen lose the chance of legally harvesting those game and fish. All of us lose part of a valuable natural resource — our wildlife.”

When reporting a violation, note as many facts as possible, Cakin encouraged. A person reporting a wildife crime will be asked a variety of questions, and the more information they can provide, the quicker the violator can be caught, and the case successfully prosecuted, he said.

“Do not attempt to stop a violation yourself or to detain those responsible,” Cakin said. “Be safe and be a good witness.”

Those reporting crimes do not have to reveal their names or testify in court.