As a student and a young boy, I feel we need an amusement park in or near Ottawa. It could do a lot to help our town. Here is how.

If we have an amusement park by Ottawa, it could keep kids from getting in trouble. The amusement park would bring money to the government so they can make nice things for our town. Another reason is more money can equal to more jobs for some places that need them.

Even though there are some good things about this, there can be some bad things that people could argue about. Like getting the money to build the amusement park would cost a lot of money. Or there won’t be any place to put it, but there are solutions to these problems.

An amusement park can have good things like jobs for some people to run the concession stands and bad things like it would cost a lot of money but they could make that money back and have even more benefits in and around this town.

— Weston Yount, Ottawa Middle School sixth grader