County commissioners’ recipe for patching blacktop:

1) District blade operator;

2) Backhoe or skid steer;

3) One or two end dump trucks;

4) Remove bad area with backhoe;

5) Load onto end dump;

6) Have end dump bring required amount of asphalt, dump toward century road;

7) Blade operator fills patch hole with blade tilted forward on forward passes, blade roll back on reverse passes;

8) Roll patch with steel- or rubber-tired roller, or with grater and dump truck, or smooth with back hoe or skid steer bucket.

Cost to county? Hot asphalt.

I have done this many times while blade operator in northwest Franklin County from 1987 to 1997 and 20 overall years as a blade operator.

Could we possibly need better leadership?

— James Rodecap, Pomona