Franklin County voters will head to the polls Tuesday to decide the fate of numerous city and school board races across the county. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The following is a list of candidates in each race.

City races

• Ottawa City Commission — Raquel “Rocky” Fleer, Helen Hood, Linda Reed, Jeff Richards and Mike Skidmore are vying for three open seats.

• City of Lane — The mayor’s seat and three council seats are up for election. Judy Birchard and Betty McCale are running unopposed for two of those council seats.

• Pomona Mayor — Marie Seneca is running unopposed.

• Pomona City Council — Jerald Johnson and Jay Meador are running unopposed for two open seats.

• Princeton Mayor — Chris Hutchinson is running unopposed.

• Princeton City Council — Jo Allen, Ronald Atchison, Kathy Jones and Carol Lingo are running unopposed for four of the five open seats. There is not an official candidate on the ballot for the fifth seat.

• Rantoul Mayor — Wanda Martin is running unopposed.

• Rantoul City Council — Don Covington, Mary Gormly and Mark Johnson are running for three of five open seats. Several people reportedly plan to seek election to the council as write-in candidates, according to the Franklin County Clerk’s Office.

• Richmond Mayor — Sheldon Snow is running unopposed.

• Richmond City Council — Helen Feuerborn, Barbara Lane, Doug McIntosh, Mary Platt and Ricky Weber are vying for two open seats.

• Wellsville City Council — Dave Edwards, Jared Eggleston, Travis W. Jones and Ryan Young are running for three open seats.

• Williamsburg City Council — Gene Hirt, Dennis Norton, Amber Smith, Ralph Stover Jr. and Shiela Worden are vying for three open seats.

School board races

• Ottawa School Board — Lynda Alderman, Bill Allegre, Tim Catlin, Richard Jackson, Russ Wilson and Norman Wooge are vying for three at-large seats.

• Central Heights School Board — Jack Davis, Angela Wiederholt and Shawn Cardin are running unopposed for three open seats.

• Wellsville School Board — Ron Bloss, Clyde Coons and Juanita Peckham are running unopposed for three open seats.

• West Franklin School Board — Jackie Robbins and Stacia Spencer are running for Position 2; Carol Scott Hamilton and Stacy Hower are running for Position 4; Daniel Arnett, Sherry Harris and Carrie Lira are vying for Position 5; Thayne Bush, Matt Froggatte and Bruce Rochold are running for Position 6.