I am 16 years old and I am unable to vote, but I do have a voice.

I am doing a project in my video production class on the proposed bond at West Franklin. I know the current board members have worked really hard to make sure the public has all of the facts.

My family received a flyer arguing against the bond in the mail the other day. As I was reading through it, I noticed there were several items that were not true. Here at West Franklin High School, our coaches teach us to win fair or donít play the game. If you have to twist the facts to win, then donít play!

I understand we all have our opinions, as far the bond goes. I respect everyoneís opinions. I just canít understand why adults canít do the same.

I canít imagine what it would be like to attend school anywhere else. I just hope West Franklin is still here for my children to attend.

It is really sad that when I open the newspaper for current events, I see so much negativity about my school district. I hear about kids who have been friends for years who are no longer friends, and families that are arguing over the bond. The most concerning part is there are people who are threatening to kill other people over the bond! People, it is really not that bad! The kids of West Franklin just want to have the education and technology that the rest of the schools around us have.

I just want to encourage everyone to vote June 4. Itís not about purple, red, blue or black. Itís about starting a new tradition. A district united!

Again, I might not be old enough to vote, but I do have a voice! Please help me voice it and vote Ďyes!í Thank you.

ó Oaklee Homer,

West Franklin High School student,