I’m a little confused on this issue of “personhood” that the anti-abortionists are trying to legislate.

On one hand, they want to “personalize” an egg at conception, giving it the same equal rights as every other person, and, on the other hand, these same people want to deny the same “person” the same equal rights if they happen to be gay, lesbian, transsexual or transgendered. I know some of you will start quoting the Bible on this issue, which I won’t take issue with at this time, but where are your priorities? (Christ only preached love.)

I’m pro-abortion if the life of the mother or child is at risk and in cases of incest or rape. Again, an individual is not given the right to make that choice.

Do you know it still is on the books as a “crime” to commit any homosexual acts between two consenting adults in their own bedroom, but it is not a crime for extra-marital affairs — even if they are publicly known. (He’s the man!) I grew up in a home where a man’s worth was dependent on how many mistresses he had — my father had four ... at the same time! Don’t say his needs were not met at home. I was there and I know differently. Yet, “He’s the man!”

I know what it did to our family, but it still was not a crime.

I see a lot of ironies in this whole situation — giving rights to the unborn and denying the rights of some of the born. What?

— Don Carr, Ottawa