An Ottawan might not show up for work on Monday following his or her mega-million dollar win in the lottery.

Though the winner chose to remain anonymous, which is allowed in Kansas, the winner said he and/or she would officially retire. Hmmm, we’re guessing if the winner suddenly doesn’t show up for work that he or she won’t be secret for long.

After taxes, the winner’s lump-sum payout will be $110.5 million. Imagine the good that could be done with that kind of cash.

The anonymous winner isn’t the only champion though. Ottawa’a north Casey’s General Stores, 940 N. Main St., where the winning ticket was sold, gets $10,000 from the lottery, too. That amounts to a gigantic return on investment for the business.

The Marais des Cygnes River must have something special in the water becĺause Ottawa also had a $20,000 lottery winner this week. Thomas and Pamela Holland, Ottawa, were the winners of those prize winnings.

Mega-millions sounds good. Retirement sounds even better. Perhaps we all need to drink more water.

— Jeanny Sharp, editor and publisher