Why should Ottawa spend $18,865 to prohibit the construction of towers on the approaches to the runways at the municipal airport? The entire area already is zoned by the county.

To build such towers, a zoning variance has to be obtained through a legal process. A legal ad has to be published in The Ottawa Herald. If you donít believe it, ask the county planning director.

Any competent city administrator or commissioner will scan the legal notices every day to see if any of them affect the city. If they believe a tower would be detrimental to air traffic at the airport, they can make their objections known to the county commissioners.

The city seems to consider anything that is near them to be some kind of threat to them and that they, not the legitimate government in the area, should control it. Hitler felt the same way, too. This is just another waste of tax money. Who will get this money anyway?

ó Elbert Swank, Williamsburg