I feel strongly about people speeding down the road when children live in or on that street. This problem can be discontinued by having speed bumps and stop signs. Speeding issues can be resolved and, as a result, the number of deaths per year will decrease.

I am mainly interested in this topic because I deal with this exact problem every day. A child (children) could be hit by a car while playing with friends. Some speeders won’t be able to stop quick enough if a child is running across the street to get a soccer ball or something of that nature.

Another reason I feel strongly about this is at age 19 the death of men is 135 men out of 100,000. That is almost three times the amount of 19-year-old women deaths by car a year.

Arguments against this would include that not all kids will be hit by a car because some parents do not allow their children to play near the road. The number of deaths per year could also decrease if parents would go outside with their children.

As result of more cautionary signals, the deaths per year will decrease. Will you be outside with your child the next time he or she is outside? I hope so.

— Chelsea Lynn, Ottawa Middle School sixth grader