The City of Ottawa issued an ordinance at 8 a.m. Thursday restricting parking on arterial streets, in school zones and around Ransom Memorial Hospital, 1301 S. Main St., Ottawa, until snow removal is completed, according to the city’s public works department. These locations are marked with red and white “Snow Route” signs.

City crews started spreading salt and sand overnight Wednesday and commenced plowing operations Thursday morning, Andy Haney, the city’s public works director, said.

“The emphasis will be on the streets marked with Snow Route signs, and we would appreciate the public’s efforts to keep parked cars off those streets,” Haney said. “It is our intent to move on as quickly as our resources will allow to plow the snow on all the streets in Ottawa. We would appreciate your patience as we work through the effects of this storm.”

As time permits, city crews also will be pushing the snow out of the downtown business district to clear traffic lanes and parking spaces, Haney said. He urged the public to park vehicles in off-street parking lots until the downtown district can be cleared.

“The effort to haul snow away from Main Street and nearby areas downtown will likely begin on Monday,” he said.