The Wellsville Crescent Club met March 19 at the home of Olive Buehler. President Sandra Hausler opened the meeting with the reading of the day by Joyce Brothers.

Hausler also was the program presenter. She showed a DVD entitled, “The Gefilte Fish,” which featured the Dubroff family celebrating the Jewish Holiday Passover. Minnie and Abe Dubroff began presiding over the holiday with their seven children in the early ’50s. Three sisters now prepare the elaborate feast following the recipes of the mother, and the traditions begun by the father continue for a greatly increased family. The film was interesting, informative and entertaining.

Eleven members answered roll call with their assigned topics.

Elections were held for the 2013-14 year. A motion was made to move the president, vice president and secretary to the offices of president and vice president and to elect a new secretary and treasure. The new slate of officers include Midge Casselman, president; Dorothy Jones, vice president; Donna Wasserfallen, secretary; and Ellen Neis, treasurer.

Cards were sent to four members: Carol Fleming, Betty Edwards, Barbara Saner and Renate Watts.

The meeting was adjourned to enjoy a slice of gefilte fish with a horseradish garnish, and motzoh bread served by Hausler, and cake served by the co-hostess, Ellen Neis.

— Submitted by

Carol Cramer, reporter