The wait for the new traffic signal and expanded intersection at Davis Road and K-68 is nearly over.

Andy Haney, the city’s public works director, told city commissioners Monday that Aug. 23 is the tentative date for reopening the intersection and activating the stoplight.

“If you promise not to hold me to it, we are looking at Aug. 23 or earlier to have the intersection back open,” Haney said.

Barring any delays for weather or other complications, Haney said, the project is running ahead of schedule. Killough Construction Inc., 3633 U.S. 59, Ottawa, the project’s contractor, originally estimated the intersection — which closed in mid-April — would reopen in mid-September.

“The base work is done, and right now they are working on sidewalks and retaining walls,” Haney said.

Striping, signs and some paving work still need to be completed before the intersection can open, he said.

After the intersection reopens, some work would remain to finish the island separating the north and south lanes, Haney said.

“Once the work on the island is finished, the project will be substantially complete,” he said.

Primary changes for the intersection are the addition of a turn lane on Davis Road and turn lanes on K-68, allowing easier access onto Davis Road — the main route to the city’s industrial park. A camera-controlled traffic signal also is being installed at the intersection, which officials said should “greatly assist” in clearing traffic from the congested intersection, particularly during high-traffic periods associated with shift changes at the industrial park.