The monthly meeting of the Rowdy Wranglers 4-H Club was called to order Jan. 14 at the First Christian Church by President Emma Rossman.

Members answered role call by stating a famous person that they would like to meet. Aaron Campbell led the club in singing “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

Last month’s minutes were corrected and approved. Parliamentarian Chad Hibdon had the officer demonstrate how to properly handle a main motion. Dawn Rumford prompted members to use proper parliamentary procedure.

Members were reminded that project cards are due April 1, and that County Club Day was Feb. 16 at West Franklin High School.

Under new business, the club voted to participate in a model meeting at County Club Day. The club also voted to have an exchanged meeting with the Rambling Ranchers 4-H Club March 11 at Celebration Hall.

Molly Rossman demonstrated how to make a paper snowflake. Ashley Collins talked about calico cats, and brought along her own calico named Bunny. Susie Messinger gave a talk about the different colors and breeds of horses. Seth Rossman gave a talk about the proper handling of pork and the different cuts of pork. Morgan Paddock, recreation leader, had the club play a game called “Pass the Pen.”

The meeting was adjourned with the 4-H motto.

— Submitted by Reporter Rebecca Vrbas