In 2010, state Rep. Bill Feuerborn, D-Garnett, introduced and voted for the second largest Kansas tax increase — 18 percent — in history.

On multiple occasions, he voted against a voter photographic identification requirement; against concealed handguns in public buildings, meaning no security, disallowing residents the right to protect themselves and their families; against the budget for 2011-2012; and against prohibiting undocumented aliens from receiving in-state tuition rates.

He voted against reducing the state’s income tax rates; against state spending limitations; against the statewide exemption on property tax for business machinery and equipment; against reducing unemployment contributions paid for by businesses (businesses pay unemployment insurance, not the employee); against prohibiting the use of union dues for political activities (these dues are from taxpayer dollars paid to state employees and then are taken to pay into a political party or activity); and against employment incentives for teachers.

This information was acquired through Project Vote Smart.

— Renee Slinkard, Parker