Iím just a renter in town, so I donít have the privilege or space to raise chickens here in Ottawa. But, now, some think itís not a good idea.

Nothing gripes me more than when councilmen or city officials want to take away your God-given rights and freedoms. Thereís nothing like fresh eggs or your own chicken for dinner. Iíd love to have some chickens to raise. Oh, I know someone would complain the rooster crowing at 5 a.m., but I doubt there are that many people who really want to raise any in a crowded neighborhood.

Concerning taxes, yes we do get a lot of city services, but the way they talk about raising taxes is no big deal ó but to me, it is. That means my landlord is gonna pass it on to his renters, so itís just not the property owners who will feel the pinch. I say eliminate these tax-and-spend people and the chicken haters next voting time.

Stan Lloyd,