They say it comes in three’s.

In the past three weeks, I have lost three close friends.

I met John Melnyk in 1968 and fostered a friendship that lasted until he died early last month. Then there was Alan Loyd, who I met just about 9 years ago after I moved to Ottawa. Alan was one of the most brilliant and interesting men I have ever known. What a background! And just three days ago, Bruce Waymire died.

Bruce and I worked on old houses together. I would do what I could to clean them up, and Bruce and his son, Colt, would come and put on the finishing touches, making me look like a genius. I have never known anyone who could brighten my day like Bruce did.

Bruce had issues. I talked to him just last week, over nothing. He said he had just passed my house and thought of me. He gave a quick “hello” call. That was Bruce. I just wish he had stopped and talked. Maybe there was something that I could have said to change what happened.

For anybody else, just stop and talk. You never know.

I hope it only occurs in threes.


— Richard Warren, Ottawa