Thanks to both Country Mart and Walmart donations, many citizens on fixed income have for several months, saved on food expense ranging from eggs, bread, canned soup, fruits, vegetables, salads, boxed breakfast foods, juice, peanut butter, salad dressings, pies, cookies, cakes, donuts, bottled water and other items too numerous to mention.

Because of the East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity Corp.’s conscientious manager, Jake Howard, the weekly food assistance program is successful, not to mention warm talkative camaraderie among food recipients.

In addition, Jake sorely relies on such dedicated and steadfast volunteers as Christina Brewer, Wanda Silvey, Teresa Lewis, Leslie Willis, Mark Genter, Glenn Leimkuehler, Leonard Conger, John Walburn, Autum Surage and other Ottawa University students.

Christina tells me they all do their best to mimic and measure-up to one of Ottawa’s premier volunteer coordinators, Mary Ann Bacon. Thanks to her organizing experience, food distribution is honed in time efficiency with a capital “E”. I, like other recipients, not only respect Mary Ann’s know-how, but also her sincere compassion for those strapped for lack of funds.

Thanks ECKAN for Jake, Mary Ann and the helpful friendly volunteers. Of course, not to be overlooked, is the benevolence of Country Mart and Walmart. Without their donations this letter to Herald Editor and Publisher Jeanny Sharp could not have been written.

— Judy Scott,