A local body builder is set to speak Wednesday at Ottawa University. 

Nick Scott, 28, who’s a motivational speaker  and an award-winning wheelchair body builder, is expected to speak at 8 p.m. Wednesday in Peters Auditorium in the administration building on the campus of Ottawa University, 1001 S. Cedar St., Ottawa. Scott, Ottawa, said his speech is going to focus on giving people a “blueprint” on how to get where they want in life. 

“A lot of people don’t know what to do in life,” Scott, who also does wheelchair ballroom dancing, said. “A lot of people tell you to ‘just do it.’ But most people don’t know how to do it themselves and I have achieved so much — I do know how to get from A to Z.”

After a debilitating car wreck near his hometown of Pomona, Scott overcame paralysis, obesity and depression to become one of the world’s first wheelchair body builders. Scott does about 30 to 40 speaking events each year, inspiring people with his story. 

Wednesday’s speech will focus on leadership and team building skills, and building strength in people’s passions, he said. 

“I teach people actually how to find their passions,” Scott said. “Once they find their passions, they’ll be able to be on the path they’re meant to be.”