I have worked for Mike Skidmore for nearly 14 years. He always has been more than fair with me, and he treats the customers at Goppert State Service Bank the same way. I think so highly of him that I asked him to be the best man at my wedding.

He has been involved in public service the whole time Iíve known him. He also helps the community by facilitating substantial donations from the Goppert Foundation. He is responsible for large amounts of money in his work, and you can be sure he would not have such a job if worthy people didnít trust him. He doesnít wear his religion on his sleeve, but he applies the principles every day in everything he does.

Skidmore is all about honesty, integrity, goodness and decency. He is all that, and he even has a good sense of humor!

Mike is from Ottawa, and he knows Ottawa. He is not an experienced politician, but he is capable of learning whatever he needs to learn to do the job right. He is a creative thinker, and he is committed to doing the right thing. He deserves your vote, and everyone stands to benefit from what Mike can do for your city.

Mike Skidmore for city commissioner!

ó William E. Bayne,