In her 25 years at The Herald, Patty Sheler has seen and experienced a lot of change within the newspaper industry.

Sheler recently was recognized at the newspaper for a quarter century of service. As systems coordinator for The Herald, her time with The Herald has involved many transitions related to ever-changing technology.

“We started on the linotype machines and then we went to computers and servers,” Sheler said of the switch from mechanized printing to more digital processes. “It is easier every year. When we start out, it is hard, though.”

While Sheler has worked with dozens of Herald employees through the years, she said she credited one person in particular with helping her along the way.

“Jeannie Rossman was my first supervisor,” Sheler said. “She taught me a lot.”

Although Sheler indicated she had learned much while at The Herald, Kathy Miller, The Herald’s office manager, said Sheler has helped others on staff more than she has asked for assistance herself.

“If anyone needs anything done, like with the system, she gets right on it and gets it fixed,” Miller said.

Sheler had a difficult time putting into words what she has experienced with The Herald in the past 25 years, but she was all smiles about her career and the path it has taken.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, but we made it,” she said.