A large crowd turned out Wednesday to congratulate a longtime public servant who was awarded the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce’s Quarterly Image Award.

Richard Oglesby, assistant fire chief with the Ottawa Fire Department, was the recipient of this quarter’s award for outstanding public service.

The event at GreatLife Golf and Fitness, 1001 E. Logan St., Ottawa, was organized by the chamber’s Community Image and Affairs Committee.

Fred Searls, Community Image and Affairs Committee member, presented the award to Oglesby, saying he has “had many roles in his position, and he always has a caring attitude about the community he serves, as well as his willingness to always assist in any way possible.”

Oglesby said he wasn’t expecting to receive the award, but was honored.

“I am very humbled and I can only say that this is a great community and a great city,” Oglesby said in accepting the award. “I just want you all to know I don’t work for this city, I work for you. In many areas, not just on duty, but off duty. I’m always there to serve, and that’s what my life has always been about.”

To be considered for the quarterly image award, one must work in one of four categories including retail-sales, retail-service, education and health care, or public service, according to the chamber’s website. To be eligible, an individual also must either be a member of the chamber or be an employee of a member organization.

The next award, planned for October, will be given to someone in the education and health care field, John Coen, Chamber president and chief executive officer, said.