Firefighters from Centropolis and Lincoln-Ottawa-Harrison Township fire departments quickly extinguished a grass fire Tuesday afternoon that destroyed about four acres in northern Franklin County, a local fire department official said.

But that doesn’t mean the fire danger is gone.

Crews battled the blaze near 4821 Louisiana Terrace for 45 minutes before extinguishing the fire, Dave Gibbs, LOH fire chief, said. At one point, the fire came about 30 feet from a home, but did not damage the structure.

The property owner was burning cedar trees, which apparently caused the fire to grow out of control, Gibbs said, adding that the fire caused minimal monetary damage to property.

Tuesday’s weather conditions, Gibbs said, also contributed to the fire’s rapid spread.

“With the grass being dry, and as dry as it is [in general], you need to be extremely careful,” Gibbs said.

Franklin County was not under a burn ban Tuesday.

Gibbs said two trucks equipped to fight grass fires worked to extinguish the blaze.

“If it doesn’t rain, we’ll be seeing a lot more [grass fires],” he said.

Herald staff writer Crystal Herber contributed to this story.