A lot has been said and written over the past few weeks regarding the Santa Fe caboose we donated to the Franklin County Historical Society. However, little has been said about Mark Cation — the man behind the “Move That Caboose!” project.

If it had not been for Cation, the caboose project never would have taken place. He was a committee of one who pursued all the avenues required — from the donations, logistics, crane company, city fathers, donors and more. What started as a conversation two years ago now has become a reality for Franklin County and tourism.

The youth not only will be able to see the caboose, but also experience the history of the railroad.

We also want to thank those who supported Cation in his efforts to get the caboose to the Old Depot Museum. Taylor Crane and Rigging was one professional organization that made the move look easy. They were an exceptional bunch of guys. And, of course, we want to send a big thanks to the financial contributors who brought about the funds to actually make the move possible.

Bottom line, Cation deserves a great big thanks. He is a man of integrity.

— Ron and DeeAnna Kimes, Ottawa