The news media in America continues to report on what a wonderful job President Obama is doing for our great United States. They tell anyone who will listen that his entitlement programs will help millions of Americans get free or cheap health care, provide food assistance programs and that we can all be equal by getting a good education. He throws out millions of dollars to increase the minimum wage for those who get free or cheap health care and receive free food through the food assistance programs, and he says he’s helping to create jobs.   

But common sense should tell you that if he thinks millions of well-educated individuals will be satisfied with a part-time future then we should all consider that for a moment. As an example of Obama’s ideology of “fair,” let’s suppose you have a 4.0 GPA, and your classmate has only a 2.5 GPA, but has a family to feed and needs to get a better job than what a 2.5 GPA will garner. So the Obama fairness-plan says you will relinquish 0.75 GPA in order to bring up the GPA of your classmate so that he/she can be equal and land a better-paying job. That would make you equals, wouldn’t it? And you could then lower your lofty plans for that higher-paying job and settle for a little less because you feel good about sharing all that hard work you did to accomplish such a lofty goal.

But then the next phase of Obama’s equal/fairness-plan comes into law by his mighty pen and phone, and he says it’s wrong for you to be making so much money on that less-than-lofty job you landed, and now he wants you to work only part-time so even more of your classmates can get some kind of job and at least make minimum wage, and get free or cheap health care and free food.  

Oh, wait, you wanted what? To buy a house for your family and pay a mortgage? To buy a new car for the family? And then what? The bank won’t lend you the money for that new house or car because you have limited income and earning power. How in the world would you be able to pay off those mortgage loans and car loans, and still be able to pay all those high taxes and high deductibles on your free or cheap health care insurance? And if you landed a job as a construction worker, a contractor, a plumber, a real estate agent, a car salesman, or any other myriad of employment, what would you do when no one was financially secure enough to hire you? And then, of course, when everyone made just enough to get by day-to-day you might notice that you couldn’t sell that beautiful house you bought before all this fairness because there’s very little money to be had for purchasing such a lofty prize, and then your real estate values seriously decline. And what happens to the banking industry?

Obama’s dream is not to build up America, but to reduce America to a socialist-run country. And by threatening to just jump right in there with that pen and phone, he dreams of becoming a revered dictator. And all you have to do is the “fair” thing to help him obtain his lofty goal.  

— Sharon Cummings,